Kenya Golf Union

Kenya Golf Union acts as the Governing Authority of Golf in Kenya .

Union’s Objectives:


  • To advance, promote and safeguard the interests of the game of golf in Kenya under the Kenya Golf Federation.
  • To uphold and maintain the Rules of Golf and the Rules, Definitions and Interpretations of R&A Rules Limited, whose jurisdiction as the Ruling Authority in Golf is recognised by the Union.
  • To establish, develop, maintain and administer Kenya National Handicap System and Standard Scratch Scores which all affiliated clubs shall use and supervise the administration of the Kenya National Handicap System and control the observance of the fundamental principles and regulations of the system by all affiliated clubs.
  • To co-operate with the Kenya Golf Federation, Sports Kenya, the Sports Academy, the Kenya Ladies Golf Union, and with all such other national or international Unions, associations, societies or other bodies as may represent golf players or affect golf in Kenya or elsewhere.
  • To organise, control and manage, by way of delegation or otherwise, the Kenya Open Golf Championships, and to promote, sponsor, control and administer such other competitions, Tournaments and matches, and to such extent, as the Union shall determine.
  • To maintain and co-ordinate the dates of, and  publish an annual calendar of Open and Amateur championships of its affiliated clubs and to arrange, in conjunction with the Kenya Golf Federation, other Unions and Associations, championships and specific matches of national and international character.

Our Subsidiaries




KLGU's objective is to uphold the rules of the game, to promote the interests of Ladies' Golf and decide all doubtful and disputed points subject to the Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf
Club of St. Andrews, Fife, the Ladies Golf Union of Great Britain and Ireland (LGU) and the Kenya Golf Union (KGU) as the authority controlling golf in Kenya.





KOGL is a company incorporated in the Republic of Kenya and having its registered offices at the Muthaiga Golf Club. Mr. Peter Kanyago is the current Chairman of KOGL
KOGL is owned by Kenya Golf Union (KGU), which was set up in 1928 as the national representative body of the golf clubs in Kenya. Other than tasking KOGL to manage the Kenya Open Championship,
KGU is also responsible for maintaining a harmonized handicapping system and ensuring that the game is played according to the internationally accepted Rules of Golf.





The Junior Golf Foundation which is tasked with the responsibility of promoting junior golf activities has been vibrant with many junior activities being held over school holidays.
The foundation is working with Clubs and schools and ensuring that the game of golf is reachable to all.




Golf Talent Foundation is mandated to search, identify and develop golfing talents across the country.
  • The four main strategic objectives of GTF are:
  • To create a culture of success in Kenyan Golf
  • To provide excellent preparation for teams and individuals competing for Kenya.
  • To establish high quality talent development structures and programs which link clearly and effectively
  • To maximize the resources available by working in partnership and delivering results.