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World Handicap System (WHS) In Kenya

The Kenya Golf Union launched the World Handicap System in Kenya on 28th January 2021. The move to WHS is a global initiative driven by both the R&A and the USGA to standardize golf handicapping across the world. The new World Handicapping System replaces six existing handicap systems including CONGU which Kenya has been using for the last 15 years. WHS aims to encourage more people to take up the game and enable golfers of differing abilities, gender and nationalities to compete on a fair basis anywhere in the World. Under WHS, all golfers received a new decimal handicap called a Handicap Index which will be changed into a Course Handicap depending on the Slope Rating of course and set of tees one is playing. Here you can find the handicap conversion charts for all KGU affiliated clubs in Kenya as well as more information on the move to WHS in the downloadable documents.