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New office bearers

The Kenya Golf Union Annual Meeting was held on 28th May 2021 at Muthaiga Golf Club. The meeting was attended by over 90 delegates and the following officials were elected;

Peter Kiguru Chairman

George Gathu Vice Chairman

Philip Ochola Hon. Secretary

Njani Ndiritu Treasurer

Chris Kinuthia Executive

Chris Muchugu Executive

Collins Ojiambo Executive

David Ndung’u Executive

Karugu Macharia Executive

Fr. Peter Kimani Executive

Looking forward to a fruitful golfing year

Protocols for resumption of golf tournaments

25th May 2021

Golf Protocols

Golf competitions will only be allowed under strict adherence of the
guidelines below;
Medical Examination
 All golf clubs Must ensure that they conduct temperature screening and any person displaying high temperature must not be allowed into the premises. Any persons attending with any suspected COVID-19 symptoms should be handled as prescribed in the Ministry of Health guidelines.
 Golf clubs are encouraged to arrange for COVID-19 testing for their golfers, members of staff and Caddies.
 All teams (Players and support teams) representing the Country must undergo testing and will have to submit a vaccination confirmation.
 Maintain a daily record of people entering the premises. This will assist the Ministry of Health in contact tracing in the event that there is need to do so.

Club events and local tournaments
 Encourage use of the HowDidIDo application for booking and for those that don’t, must be registered on arrival at the club.
 Ensure to communicate to your members on the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. Signs and messages that create awareness on combating the spread of COVID-19 should be posted at highly visible stations, entrances, exits and notice boards.
 All members of staff must have their face masks on while working.
 Golf clubs are encouraged to conduct their prize presentation outdoors and/or using online platforms to avoid congregation at the club house
 Spectators will not be allowed.
 Golf clubs Must ensure handwashing facilities and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are readily available for all.
 Identify and appoint COVID-19 Champions who will be responsible for responses on venue preparedness and related actions.
 Ensure to clean and disinfect the frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, gates, and toilet doors.
 Golf clubs are encouraged to link themselves to a nearby health facility for ease of referral in case of emergency.
 All golfers are discouraged from using the changing rooms. Sauna and steam rooms are not permitted.
 Golf clubs should identify a safe place in their premises for isolation of an individual should they become unwell.
 Golfers Must observe proper personal hygiene; handshakes, high-fives & hugging are not allowed.
 Maintain a safe club environment by applying a documented cleaning regime

 Golf clubs must limit the number of golfers using the practice facilities on the golf premises to avoid congregation.
 Coaches must maintain a minimum number of trainees per session.
 Each trainee Must carry their own equipment.
 Ensure that practice equipment is disinfected before, during and after the sessions.
 Retain records of golfers attending the training.

International Events.
 The Kenya Golf Union will send team(s) for international event(s) only after consideration of the COVID -19 safety protocols put in place by the host country.
 All participants will be vaccinated and the coaches will keep the records of all the documents.
 During training camps, KGU shall organize for health checks. Testing will be conducted before participants enter the camp and there will be subsequent daily checks.
 When hosting, KGU will ensure to conform to the MOH’s guidelines on the Sports Bubble Protocol.
The Union will ensure there is provision for medical services i.e. medical practitioners and well manned and equipped ambulances.


Following a notice sent out on 7th May 2021, the Kenya Golf Union will hold its Annual General Meeting on 28th March 2021 at Muthaiga Golf Club.


  1. To approve the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 21st August 2020
  2. To receive the Chairman’s Report.
  3. To receive the Honorary Treasurer Report and Statement of Accounts and to consider and decide on any action to be taken on the financial affairs of the Union.
  4. To elect office bearers and members of the Executive Committee for the following year,
    a) Chairman
    b) Vice Chairman
    c) Honorary Secretary
    d) Honorary Treasurer
    e) Six members to serve on the Executive Committee
    The following have been duly nominated:
  5. -Peter Kiguru Chairman Nominated by Sigona Golf Club
    – George Gathu Vice-Chairman Nominated by Kenya Airforce
    – Njani Ndiritu Hon. Treasurer Nominated by Vet Lab Sports Club
    – Philip Ochola Hon. Secretary Nominated by Muthaiga Golf Club
    EXECUTIVES -Chris Kinuthia Nominated by Thika Sports Club, Chris Muchugu Nominated by Njoro Country Club, Collins Ojiambo Nominated by Karen Country Club, David Ndungu Nominated by Limuru Golf and Country Club, Joe Kehara Nominated by Kenya Railway Golf Club, Karugu Macharia Nominated by Windsor Golf and Country Club, Martin Nyaga Nominated by Kiambu Golf Club, Peter Kimani Nominated by Ruiru Sports Club, Taufiq Balala Nominated by Nyali Golf and Country Club.
  6. To consider and decide upon any special business of which notice has been circulated under article 10.5

Rules School Level 1 Training – 25th June 2021

The Kenya Golf Union will be hosting the Level 1 Rules School on 25th June 2021 via Zoom.

The Kenya Golf Union which is mandated to promote and advance the game of golf in the country has seen it fit to ensure that all golfers have the knowledge of the rules of golf and has over the years carried out this trainings.

Level 1 training equips a golfer with knowledge of the most commonly occurring Rules and this helps them enjoy the games, enables one to navigate around the course more easily, and might even save one precious stroke or two every now and then.

Registration for the training is on going.

Resumption of Caddies


This is a follow up to our letter of 1* May 202t. We have, in consultation with the Ministry of Health, reviewed the use of caddie services as an integral part of the game of golf and in the spirit of allowing the
caddies a livelihood .

Golfers who wish to use the services of caddies on the golf course will therefore be allowed to resume, but on the following conditions:

  1. All Clubs are encouraged to arrange for the testing of the caddies for COVID-1-9
  2. All Clubs must provide hand sanitizers at the starters huts for use by both the players and the
  3. All players must provide their caddies with a little bottle of hand sanitizer for continuous use during
    the round
  4. Caddies will be allowed the use golf trollies, and must not carry golf bags on their person
    Kindly abide by the rules set by the Union and the Ministry of Sports

Junior Golf Foundation Receives Development cash from Prime Bank

The Junior Golf Foundation received a cheque of Ksh 1,022,000 from Prime Bank Limited.

The bank’s golf manager Jesse Mungai disclosed on Friday that the funds are drawn from proceeds raised from their joint visa card with JGF and Kenya Golf Union (KGU). The Visa card initiative was launched in 2015 and JGF has so far received 5.5 Million shillings.


The new World Handicapping System will replace six existing handicap systems including CONGU. WHS aims to encourage more people to take up the game and enable golfers of differing abilities, gender and nationalities to compete on a fair basis anywhere in the World.

Under this new system all golfers will be given a new decimal handicap called a Handicap Index which will be changed into a Course Handicap depending on the Slope Rating of course and set of tees one is playing.

The Slope Rating is a measure of the difficulty of the course from a particular set of tees for a higher handicap (or bogey) player compared to a scratch player. Each set of tees on every golf course will be allocated a Slope Rating for men and women.

New golfers can get a WHS Handicap Index through returning three 18-hole cards. These can be six 9-hole cards, or a combination of 9 and 18-hole cards. The maximum Handicap Index for both men and women will be 54 and your Handicap Index will be valid anywhere in the world. Once you have a Handicap Index you will only lose it if you are no longer a member of a golf club. New golfers will get a WHS Handicap Index through returning three 18-hole cards. These can be six 9-hole cards, or a combination of 9 and 18-hole cards. The maximum Handicap Index for both men and women will be 54 and your Handicap Index will be valid anywhere in the world. Once you have a Handicap Index you will only lose it if you are no longer a member of a golf club.

Individual scores over 9 or 18 holes, returned in competition or friendly golf (general play is the term used under WHS) will count for handicap purposes. Rounds must be played by the Rules of Golf and in the company of a marker. Matchplay, foursomes or fourball scores cannot be used for handicap.

The WHS computer system has mechanisms to take into account playing conditions on the day and to guard against major fluctuations in your Handicap Index. You will be able to access information on your Handicap Index through your mobile phone and it will be every player’s responsibility to play off the correct handicap.

The Handicap Committee of your home club has the power to adjust your initial Handicap Index if it is not a true reflection of your ability. The Handicap Committee may also adjust or freeze your Handicap Index at any time to ensure that all players are treated fairly and consistently


All Kenya clubs will submit the CONGU handicap records of all their members to the centralised system up until the transition date. The best eight scores of the last 20 scores on your handicap record will be used to calculate your WHS Handicap Index.  Your Handicap Index will be the simple average (to one decimal place) of those eight scores. Under the CONGU system, you have a decimal handicap; under the new system you will have a Handicap Index.

So, if for example the best eight scores of your last 20 scores are:

16, 18, 13, 14, 19, 15, 16, 14 = 125; 125/8 = 15.6 = Handicap Index (HI). You do not need to do any calculations manually or have a record for your scores – it will all be done for you.

Under the CONGU system the difficulty of a course was measured by the Standard Scratch Score (SSS) – the score expected from a scratch player. The SSS will now have a new name: Course Rating.  Under WHS the difficulty of the course is be based on what is expected from the “average” or “bogey” golfer compared to the scratch golfer and this is called the Slope Rating.  Your Handicap Index will be changed to a Course Handicap and it may go up or down depending on the difficulty of the course you play as measured by the Slope Rating.

Each set of tees on each course will have a slope rating for men and women. The table below gives an example of a course with three sets of tees of varying lengths. Men and women will be able to play off any of the three tees and their handicap adjusted accordingly because the Slope Rating will be different for men and women for each set of tees.

1 6,530 yds 72.6 131 78.1 135
2 6,056 yds 70.4 124 75.4 129
3 5,407 yds 67.3 112 71.2 121

Clubs are encouraged to use numbers for their tees instead of colours to get away from the concept of men’s and women’s tees. Each club will have a look-up chart called a Course Handicap Conversion Chart which will allow you to convert your Handicap Index into a Course Handicap for whichever set of tees you are playing.  The chart uses a simple formula to do the conversion.

 Course Handicap = Handicap Index x Slope Rating/113. But you don’t need to remember this formula or do any calculations manually because the Conversion Chart at the club will do it for you.

The “average” golf course (world-wide) has a Slope Rating of 113. So, if the set of tees you are playing from has a slope rating of more than 113, that’s more difficult than average and your Course Handicap will be higher than your Handicap Index and if you are playing from a set of tees with a slope rating of less than 113, easier than average, your Course Handicap will be lower than your Handicap Index.  

Sarah Kanyereri Making Kenya Proud

One year since going to the United States of America, Serah  Khanyereri has recorded tremendous success on and off the course and is confident of achieving her dream of playing in the LPGA, the ladies’ most competitive and prestigious golf circuit. Serah who is in the US on a golf scholarship courtesy of Africa Golf Programme, formerly Rose Naliaka Academy, has already won two competitions on the college circuit, a move that has seen her formally listed on the World Golf Ranking currently lying in position 3161 .

Sarah Kanyereri who is now playing for St. Thomas University women’s golf team had played for the Kenya Ladies Golf Union National Team for more than 4 years before she proceeded to the US in 2019. She is so grateful to Rose Naliaka who natured her over the years.

Former Junior Golf Foundation national team player has now won two events;   In Georgia, she finished in first place shooting 75&72 gross.  At the Webber Fall Golf Invitational at the Sun & Lakes Golf Course, she shot 78 &71 gross.


During the 7th Annual Golf Gala Awards Ceremony held in Dubai, Kenya was named as the best Africa Golf destination.

The World Golf Awards which was founded in 2014 recognizes and rewards excellence in golf tourism, courses, and golf destinations. Kenya now has 36 private Golf Courses and 1 public golf course, of this, Karen Country club scooped the award of the best golf course while Great Rift Valley Lodge was awarded as the best golf resort in Kenya.