26 May 2021

Protocols for resumption of golf tournaments

25th May 2021 Golf Protocols Golf competitions

26 May 2021

25th May 2021

Golf Protocols

Golf competitions will only be allowed under strict adherence of the
guidelines below;
Medical Examination
 All golf clubs Must ensure that they conduct temperature screening and any person displaying high temperature must not be allowed into the premises. Any persons attending with any suspected COVID-19 symptoms should be handled as prescribed in the Ministry of Health guidelines.
 Golf clubs are encouraged to arrange for COVID-19 testing for their golfers, members of staff and Caddies.
 All teams (Players and support teams) representing the Country must undergo testing and will have to submit a vaccination confirmation.
 Maintain a daily record of people entering the premises. This will assist the Ministry of Health in contact tracing in the event that there is need to do so.

Club events and local tournaments
 Encourage use of the HowDidIDo application for booking and for those that don’t, must be registered on arrival at the club.
 Ensure to communicate to your members on the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. Signs and messages that create awareness on combating the spread of COVID-19 should be posted at highly visible stations, entrances, exits and notice boards.
 All members of staff must have their face masks on while working.
 Golf clubs are encouraged to conduct their prize presentation outdoors and/or using online platforms to avoid congregation at the club house
 Spectators will not be allowed.
 Golf clubs Must ensure handwashing facilities and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are readily available for all.
 Identify and appoint COVID-19 Champions who will be responsible for responses on venue preparedness and related actions.
 Ensure to clean and disinfect the frequently touched surfaces such as handrails, gates, and toilet doors.
 Golf clubs are encouraged to link themselves to a nearby health facility for ease of referral in case of emergency.
 All golfers are discouraged from using the changing rooms. Sauna and steam rooms are not permitted.
 Golf clubs should identify a safe place in their premises for isolation of an individual should they become unwell.
 Golfers Must observe proper personal hygiene; handshakes, high-fives & hugging are not allowed.
 Maintain a safe club environment by applying a documented cleaning regime

 Golf clubs must limit the number of golfers using the practice facilities on the golf premises to avoid congregation.
 Coaches must maintain a minimum number of trainees per session.
 Each trainee Must carry their own equipment.
 Ensure that practice equipment is disinfected before, during and after the sessions.
 Retain records of golfers attending the training.

International Events.
 The Kenya Golf Union will send team(s) for international event(s) only after consideration of the COVID -19 safety protocols put in place by the host country.
 All participants will be vaccinated and the coaches will keep the records of all the documents.
 During training camps, KGU shall organize for health checks. Testing will be conducted before participants enter the camp and there will be subsequent daily checks.
 When hosting, KGU will ensure to conform to the MOH’s guidelines on the Sports Bubble Protocol.
The Union will ensure there is provision for medical services i.e. medical practitioners and well manned and equipped ambulances.

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